The design modernizes 18,475sf of an existing Primary Care and existing Specialty Care area into a new Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT) Unit. PACT represents a significant change in the healthcare’s approach to the environment of care to a “patient-centered, team based” model of care. The Patient-Centered Care design creates a calm, healing environment, and supports operation and flow to reduce waiting and redundant activities.

The Team Based Care design co-locates staff to support direct staff communication, create team-based office space, enhance work flow and establish zones to improve privacy. The Access to Care design standardizes exam room design and provides space for shared medical appointment group care.

ThinkForm Architects will continue its collaboration with all critical stakeholders during the VA’s review and development of the approved plan option with the intent of incorporating additional comments into the work as the design progresses into the following phase. ThinkForm collaborated with the healthcare facility to present recommended operational changes supported by the PACT environment.