Prior to founding ThinkForm, Russell DiNardo and Michael Crackel collaborated in the studio of world-renowned architect Michael Graves. As the Project Architect/Project Manager for the Nile Corniche Luxury Hotel and Residential Tower in Cairo, Egypt, Michael led the design team during all design phases and through 3 years of construction period services. Working with an international team of developers, architects/engineers, a hotel operator, and a domestic team of consultants, the project faced many challenges related to local government politics and planning policies during design phases, and labor force availability during construction period services. Due to design complexities and maintaining a project schedule, Michael participated in the evolution of risk management associated with delivery of this project. He took responsibility for tracking possible architectural and engineering challenges that could derail or cause setbacks to the schedule of the project.

Michael continues to practice architecture with a great appreciation for the client’s budget and schedule, and at ThinkForm, he is accustomed to foreseeing and addressing challenges before they become a hindrance to the progress of a project.